Sunday, 11 November 2012

Trip Into Deep

Trip Into Deep is our 3rd and final part to the under water series. Not to say we wont add more..
Adele again managed to get some great garments and together with her awesome talent we we able to get some really cool images. If you were to ask me which shoot out of the series i preferred I wouldn't be able to choose. Each in their own were unique and had their own individual challenges. This shoot we had to battle with the sun and clouds, throwing exposures out nearly every frame. Adapting to different challenges is how we grow in life. So with that i hope you like the images, if not i dont care,
I like them.

Photographer: Me
Styling & Art Directing: Adele Schmitz
Makeup: Lisa Bailey 
Hair: Kelsey Chipps
Model: Kyla Close
Clothing: Jane Sews

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